Our Origins

Lice Consultants & Associates is the brainchild of the couple Courtney and Nicole Sanders. After relocating to San Diego because of her military husband’s transfer, Nicole started working for a lice removal company. Her kind and courteous nature and ability to listen ad respond appropriately to customers’ concerns soon made her the face of the company.

Additionally, Nicole recognized her talent for developing proactive action plans to help her team reach their goals and was lauded for her efforts with multiple promotions. After seeing the opportunity in the industry, the couple established Lice Consultant & Associates in San Diego and Orange County which is now expanding to York County in South Carolina.

Our Owners

Nicole Sanders is a creative individual with a background in music, composing, and lyrical writing. She has performed live in big venues and accomplished much through her artistic passions. Her resilience and can-do attitude took her down the entrepreneurial path, and she came out of the grind as a successful businesswoman.

Nicole is supported by her Newly retired Veteran husband, Courtney Sanders, in all her ventures. Courtney has served in the US Navy for 23 years training thousands of capable minds and eager recruits for the field. As Courtney’s Navy career is coming to an end, the enthusiastic entrepreneur is hoping to pursue a career in sports broadcasting and journalism.

The couple are the proud parents of three bright children and are now settled in Lake Wylie SC.

Our Motivations

Nicole’s expertise in customer service and her time at the lice removal company shaped the vision for Lice Consultants & Associates. The company is meant to reflect her dedication as an industry expert and Courtney’s commitment to the task as they work towards making it the best lice removal company in all three counties.

Their team of technicians consists of skilled, experienced, and hard-working individuals that have been schooled by Nicole exclusively on customer service. Conversely, Courtney believes in community welfare and has 20 years of volunteer work under his belt. They prioritize customer satisfaction and community welfare over everything else and have based their lice removal services on the same principle.

The couple hopes to make Lice Consultants & Associates a nationwide go-to solution for parents and individuals.

Our Goal

Lisa Consultant & Associates aims to expand its operation to as many counties as possible. We continuously improve our methods and adopt the most viable lice removal procedures to meet customer needs. We know the trouble caused by a lice infestation and its long-term consequences and are ready to help you out of the bind.

Owners Nicole and Courtney have recently opened their third clinic in Rockhill, SC, and are ready to serve the residents of the East Coast with their advanced lice treatments. They are expanding our team and are acting on old motivations and new inspirations.

If your child or loved one is dealing with a severe lice infestation, get in touch with us now! You can call us at (803) 868-4733 to get started, or click here to book your appointment!