Head lice removal treatments are made effective by combining professional tools and techniques. The method we use to treat your lice infestation will fall flat if we use products and tools that are ineffective for the job. Realizing the need for a viable and inclusive head lice removal solution, our experts have created our own line of products that help eliminate and prevent lice.

At Lice Consultants & Associates, we use non-toxic products to kill head lice and recommend the same to our clients.


Head lice removal becomes easier when the tiny creatures are disabled and unable to crawl to safety. Our pesticide-free and non-toxic LCA Oil Treatment makes a thorough cleanup possible by invading their habitat, i.e., your scalp. The greasy texture of the oil restricts their movement, allowing you to comb them out from all sections and leaving not even a single lice, nymph, or nit behind. We suggest pairing LCA oil with our uniquely designed combs for a professional touch.


LCA Mint Spray restricts the head-to-head transmission of head lice by natural means. The essential oil in our mint formula makes the wearer’s head uninhabitable for a louse, discouraging them from crawling over to a new host. Most lice infestations go out of hand because of continuous host swaps, which is why our mint spray attacks their olfactory nerves by giving off a smell that’s only unpleasant to them.


We believe in the old proverb, “prevention is better than cure,” and have designed our LCA Prevention Shampoo on the same principle. Our shampoo gives off a smell that head lice perceive as “stinky,” which limits their transmission from head-to-head contact. This shampoo will sound nothing short of pleasant to you and your family despite wreaking havoc on a louse’s olfactory nerves.



Our technicians use LCA Mousse Treatment to carry out the impossible task of eliminating nits from your head. These tiny eggs hold fast to your hair follicles and don’t easily come off in most head lice removal treatments. Our enzyme-based and non-toxic mousse formula breaks down the slime that helps them stick to your hair shaft, facilitating comb-outs and other hair therapies.


We recommend using professional tools to combat these blood-sucking insects. The usual bamboo and plastic brushes don’t stand a chance against a lice infestation. For a thorough sweep, you need something sturdy and designed for the purpose, and that’s where our advanced and long-teethed LCA metal comb comes into play. Its patented micro-groove design makes it facilitates the elimination of lice and nits from your head through easy capture. You can disinfect the comb before passing it to other family members.

If you and your family have fallen prey to a maddening lice infestation, we recommend seeking professional help instead of employing half-measures. Lice Consultants & Associates offer complete head lice treatment with a 30-day policy.

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