LCA York County is Open!

Has your head been itching lately, making you worried about a lice infestation?

We have you covered. The LCA York County branch is now open to offer a hassle-free and complete lice removal treatment using innovative heated air technology.

The Process

Our lice treatment process comprises four simple steps:

  1. Screening – The experts examine your head to determine the level of infestation
  2. Treatment – The 30-minute treatment is done using an air applicator
  3. Cleanup – The 30-minute cleanup process removes the debris and dead lice
  4. Post Treatment – An oil finish is applied for an extra layer of protection while you go home and follow our simple & easy home clean up guide

Treatments Available

Our technicians offer a variety of lice treatments based on your needs. You can select from the following treatments:

  • Head Screenings
  • Full Head Lice Treatment
  • Express Treatment
  • Comb-Out Treatment

Give us one hour and leave with a lice-free head! We offer our expert lice removal services in Rock Hill, SC, York County, and surrounding areas. Book your appointment today.

LCA San Diego announces their expansion to Rockhill, SC!

LCA San Diego is so happy to announce their expansion to Rockhill, South Carolina!

In 2014, LCA San Diego and Orange County (formerly known as Lice Clinics of America) planted roots in the lice removal business with a strong impact on providing fast, easy relief from pesky head lice to their customers. Head lice has evolved over the years, proving to be stubborn and completely resistant to over-the-counter lice treatment products.

The life cycle of the louse starts with a female laying her eggs, which are known as nits. Nits are minuscule, smaller than the head of a pin. They’re hardy too, attaching on the hair shaft close to the scalp with a glue-like adhesive. This is what makes it so tough to get rid of head lice permanently. Families feel defeated and in undergo an immense amount of stress hindering them from the best quality of life that they deserve.

Why People Prefer Our Treatment

LCA York Counties Treatment is in high demand because they use an Air Technology that dehydrates every single stage of lice, killing it all in just one session.

One hour, with flat fees is an unbeatable and very beneficial deal to LCA’s valued customers. Along with their treatments that are designed to fit all budgets, LCA has an incredible product line that they offer to those who would rather do it themselves.

LCA York County is a friendly, proficient, and educational team that deeply cares about their customers, and every one of the staff members are passionate about helping families and giving them relief so they can return to their normal routines.

Why expand from San Diego to York County SC?

The Owners, Nicole and Courtney Sanders were relocated to San Diego in 2017 for Courtneys Military orders. During this time in San Diego, Nicole started working for a lice removal company. Her courteous and kind nature and ability to listen and respond appropriately to her customers’ concerns soon made her the face of the company.

Additionally, Nicole was recognized for her talent in developing proactive action plans to help her team reach their goals and was lauded for her efforts with multiple promotions. After Courtney and Nicole seeing the opportunity in the industry, the couple established Lice Consultant & Associates in San Diego and Orange County which is now expanding to York County in South Carolina.

Nicole is supported by her Newly retired Veteran husband and Co-Owner, Courtney Sanders, in her venture. Courtney has served in the US Navy for 23 years training thousands of very capable minds and recruits for the field. As Courtney’s Navy career has recently come to an end, the enthusiastic entrepreneur is aiming to pursue a career in sports broadcasting and journalism. The couple are the proud parents of three amazingly bright children and are now settled in Lake Wylie SC.

They fell in love with York County and are so passionate about their existing businesses that it became their goal to open a local Clinic in beautiful Rockhill, South Carolina. If the unexpected happens and a lice infestation strikes your family, now lice removal is local for all of York County and easily accessible. LCA York County is proud to offer Active Duty, Retired Military and First Responder discounts, as well as offering free head checks to School Personnel and Nurses.

For more information, visit or call 803-868-4733 and we would be happy to assist you!