Head Lice Removal Treatment – Serving Fort Mill SC

Head lice removal service in Fort Mill

Tired of using different home remedies for lice removal, but the parasites always seem to find their way back to your head?

Try our advanced Heated Air Technology for complete and permanent removal of head lice, nymphs, and nits!

What Does It Include?

Our innovative lice removal treatment starts with a thorough screening to determine the extent of the infestation. Our hair health experts then perform a heated air treatment using a specialized applicator to kill the pests and their eggs hiding in your hair. This is followed by a two-step detailed cleaning to ensure no louse, nit, or residue is left behind and your head is completely clean.

You can now access our advanced head lice removal service in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Call us at 803-868-4733 today to schedule an appointment.

What Choose LCA’s Lice Treatment?

Several reasons make our lice removal procedure a popular and widely recommended treatment nationwide. Here are some of them:

  • It’s thoroughly tested and proven for safety and efficacy.
  • Every treatment is customized according to the patient’s tolerance for hot air and skin sensitivity.
  • There’s no damage to the scalp or hair.
  • No long procedures and follow-up sessions are required.
  • The procedure is suitable for a wide range of age groups; anyone aged four and above can get our lice treatment.
  • We offer a 30-day no-lice guarantee.

Get LCA’s head lice removal treatment in Fort Mill, SC, to say goodbye to the parasites living in your hair forever!