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Head lice removal service in Ballantyne

The thought of parasites living in your child’s hair can be scary. And it should be. Even though head lice do not carry any disease-causing bacteria or viruses, they can severely degrade the health of their hair and scalp. Needless to say that the sight of tiny insects crawling on hair or a child continuously scratching their head is unpleasant.

Get Rid of Head Lice with Our Innovative Treatment

Eliminating head lice permanently is often a long struggle. But no more!

Take advantage of our innovative lice treatment in Ballantyne, NC, to get rid of these creepy crawlies in just one hour.

LCA’s Lice Removal – What It Involves?

Our tried and tested head lice treatment involves blowing controlled hot air on the patient’s scalp through a specialized applicator to dehydrate and kill the lice, nymphs, and nits. This is followed by a thorough cleanup to remove all the dead parasites and eggs, leaving the patient with clean and fresh hair and scalp. This includes a 30-minute manual cleaning session using long, narrow, fine combs and the application of a specialized dimethicone oil formula to prevent re-infestation.

Our unique Heated Air Technology has been rigorously tested for safety and efficiency. The temperature can also be adjusted according to each patient’s tolerance level, making it safe for varying age groups.

We Also Offer Express and Comb-Out Treatments

For those with super hectic schedules, we offer an express lice treatment that lasts about half an hour. We also have a special comb-out lice treatment for those with a known contraindication to any products or equipment we use in our standard procedure. The purpose is to ensure there’s a suitable lice removal procedure for everyone.

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