Family-Fun Ideas for Spring Break in York County

York County may be best known for its revolutionary wars memorials, but its diverse landscape offers plenty of entertainment opportunities, numerous shopping and dining options, and an abundance of classic southern charm. Located between two rivers, the region is also packed with natural beauty and features everything from massive green spaces to hiking trails.

Whether you’ve recently moved here or are planning to visit during the spring break, here are some family-fun ideas for York County:

Go to Mr. Putty’s Fun Park

Centrally located, affordable, and, as the name claims, fun, Mr. Putty’s Park is one of the best spots for family entertainment in York County. From rides to rock climbing and zip-line to an 18-hole mini golf course, there are activities for people of all ages.

Spend a Day in Anne Springs Close Greenway

Spanning over 2,100 acres, the Anne Springs Close Greenway is a nature park in Fort Mill where you can spend a day hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. The park also features a cafeteria with a delectable farm-fresh menu and drinks. It’s a great spot for families that like action-packed days and are adventurers at heart.

Visit a Farm

If you want to give your children a countryside experience, there’s no better way than taking them to a farm. Fortunately, York County has many. From simply strolling through an orchard farm to picking fruits, York County allows you to choose your desired farm experience.

Watch Out for Your Kids

While your children are having a blast, you as a parent are responsible to watching out for them, ensuring they do not get hurt or their health doesn’t get affected in any way. If you’re doing activities where your children interact with other kids, it’s also important to check their heads for lice afterward.

Schedule an appointment with Lice Consultants & Associates to schedule a lice screening and removal service in York County.