Head Lice Removal Treatment – Serving Indian Land SC

Head lice removal service in Ballantyne

Spotting a louse in your or your child’s head can send you into a frenzy with fear of an infestation and its potential health implications. While there’s nothing to panic about, as head lice are common, affecting an estimated 6 to 12 million people each year, the situation demands immediate action.

Treat Head Lice with Our Innovative Heated Air Technology

Considering the widespread prevalence of lice infestation and the severity it could proceed to, we at Lice Consultants & Associates (LCA) have devised a new safe, and effective treatment to help people get back their healthy and lice-free hair and scalp. Now available in our Indian Land, South Carolina, clinic, the procedure involves using advanced Heated Air Technology to kill lice and nymphs and dislodge nits from every single hair strand. The debris of the dead parasites are then removed through a thorough combing session. The last step of our lice treatment is a head wash with a dimethicone oil-based formula to remove any residues that may still be left and to prevent re-infestation.

Quick, Safe, Effective, and Affordable Lice Treatment in Indian Land, SC

Rigorously tested for safety and efficacy, our lice removal procedure has proven to offer great results in just one session lasting only about an hour. Designed for the masses, the treatment is also highly affordable. What more do you want?

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