Explore A Safe, Top-Rated Lice Treatment with LCA

Explore A Safe, Top-Rated Lice Treatment with LCA

Lice Consultants & Associates (LCA) is a premier head lice treatment clinic in San Diego. These tiny parasites may seem small, but they greatly impact daily life. They can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and disruption. LCA, founded by Nicole and Courtney Sanders, is committed to providing safe, natural, and effective lice removal services. Here is how we work.

The Big Problem of Small Lice

These small, parasitic insects infest the hair and scalp, feeding on human blood. Their bite causes severe redness, itching, pain, sores, discomfort, and sometimes even secondary infections. Lice can rapidly multiply and spread through close contact, especially in kids, leading to social embarrassment and disruption of everyday activities.

Safe, Natural, and Effective Solutions

While you may easily find DIY, over-the-counter products for lice removal, their results can be short-lived. Therefore, professional intervention can be crucial. At LCA, we focus on offering safe and natural lice removal methods. We avoid using harsh chemicals, giving parents peace of mind that their kids are in good hands.

We also offer a 30-day lice removal policy for greater satisfaction. If a new infestation occurs during this period, we can provide follow-up treatments at discounted rates, technically HALF the price. From head screenings for early detection to complete head treatment involving a guaranteed three-step process, we eliminate all lice and nits, providing a comprehensive solution to the infestation.

You can check out our treatment process here.

Why LCA San Diego Stands Out

Lice Consultants & Associates offers the expertise and know-how you can rely on. With our years of experience and dedication, we have crafted innovative methods and are committed to providing excellent customer service. We make sure that every client receives the care they want and deserve. Our full head lice treatment, which includes Heated Air Technology, kills lice and nits at all stages. In addition, the thorough comb-out and topical formula application ensure complete eradication, offering you a much-needed respite from these persistent pests. We provide a full range of services to tackle lice effectively. You won’t be disappointed. Our online standing testifies to our reputation and commitment.

Don’t Let Lice Control Your Life

Lice may be small, but the associated problems may be quite significant. If you are looking to get rid of these pesky pests and reclaim your peace of mind, contact Lice Consultants & Associates for safe, natural, and effective lice treatment. Call (803) 868-4733 to book an appointment now. You can also take advantage of our special family discounts. Hurry!